Stranded off Swahili Shores

My colleague and Editor of Safari, Paul Steyn, is currently stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean, on the tiny island of Medjumbe

I could think of worse places to be stranded…in fact, I’m pretty much seething with a putrid-green envy as I write this blog post from a cold, wintery Cape Town. Paul is on assignment in the Quirimbas archipelago – a string of 27 mangrove-forested islands off the northern coast of Mozambique. The charter company he is using to fly to the next island has grounded their planes indefinitely, and rather smugly he emailed me the news along with a series of begrudgingly breath-taking photos.

So, it seem that the Quirimbas don’t just attract visitors, they seduce them, and threaten to never let you go….when Mozambique decides to deliver Paul back to us you can expect to see more from his trip on the Quirimbas archipelago in a future edition of Safari. Until then you can find out more about the many islands nestling along East Africa’s shores here.

Did you know? More than 350 species of fish have been identified in the waters around the Quirimbas archipelago, including parrotfish, angelfish and moray eels. The Quirimbas are home to some of the richest coral reefs in the world, full of vibrantly coloured tropical fish making it a phenomenal dive destination.

Find out more about Medjumbe Private Island

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I’m Holly - born and raised in the rural British Counties, my mother began life on a sugar farm in Zululand. After reading Anthropology at university in London, working for a political activist filmmaker in India, and doing a short stint under the bright lights of Bollywood – I decided it was time to return to the motherland. To earn a crust in the name of wanderlust, I finished up a post grad in media and hotfooted around South Africa as a freelance travel journalist.

  • Simon Espley

    Jealous …

  • RHoda

    my God. Green with envy.

  • Ian Smallie

    Hi Holley wish I was with you to experience it all. Do you have time to soak in what’s happening around you? … the interaction of the the life and elements? This morning I spent 20 mins watching sun birds in my garden catching insects in mid air and was so close I could hear the male snap his beak as he caught some delectable flying insect. So much food for the soul. Best wishes Ian

  • Holly Meadows

    Hi Ian, it’s not me in the Quirimbas but my colleague Paul! I’m sure, being stranded, he has all the time in the world to connect with his natural surroundings. The sun birds in your garden sound beautiful, we must never forget the nature on our doorstep :)

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