Shark finning in Mozambique

Mozambiquan dive instructor and documentary film maker Carlos Macuacua is on a mission to raise awareness about the plight of precious marine species. 

Carlos understands the importance of educating local communities in Mozambique about marine conservation and ecosystems:

[quote] In remote fishing communities people have no idea of the value of our sharks, mantas and other extraordinary creatures. They haven’t heard of conservation and ecosystems, and they don’t know why tourists come to see these animals. They don’t know they can benefit from tourism and preservation of species. [/quote]

After producing the documentary Shiver: shark finning in Mozambique, Carlos is now looking to expand his work and needs your help!

How can you help promote this work? If you know anyone who is thinking of making a film or television production, is bringing a group of divers or tourists that would appreciate a unique authentic cultural connection you can tell them about Mozambique Film Solutions and Carlos Macuacua.

[quote]With your support and the income from these projects I can continue my most important work of educating my fellow Mozambicans to know and preserve our beautiful ocean and you can continue to come enjoy the underwater world with us.[/quote]

Contact Carlos at Mozambique Film Solutions


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