I do Africa!

I guess in order to start describing our plan, one must start at the beginning, which is precisely why we decided to start at the end…

I do Africa

Morocco!  Also known as  المملكة المغربية‎ or  Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiyya.

The land of couscous and tajine, mosques, djellaba’s and history.

Or maybe Egypt, Sierra Leone even possibly Ghana.

The truth is, we have no idea where this will end and we can’t even give an estimation, but for (what we hope will be) the duration of 2012 we will make our way through Africa, starting round about now.

More or less like this:

I do Africa

And this:

I do Africa

…for our honeymoon. We will document as much as possible, go as far as possible, see, do and meet as many people as possible and test our travel experience, our big boy bike and most likely our marriage as often as possible. 

Hope you will tag along!


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Dorette and Guillaume de Swardt not only decided to take the leap and get married but, while they were at it, also to cash in their wedding budget, pension and savings, quit their jobs, leave their rented house and follow their dream…to take a trans-African voyage. Their wild idea became even wilder when they decided to do this on their 150cc delivery motorbike… for their honeymoon. After some planning, a lot of scheming and a bit of bargaining, the newlyweds were on their overloaded bike, making their way to Egypt at 85km/h. Their desire for exploration, love of Africa, thirst for new experiences and like-mindedness promises to not only get them through Africa, but to help them find loads of adventure along the way. Visit the I do Africa blog

  • http://www.crocvalley.com Louis

    Lekker travel……ons is veilig in Suid Luangwa!

  • ant

    Love what you are doing. From experience, try to take less weight, like losing clothes and buying them on the way when you need them. Wear the shoes (or riding boots advisable – you WILL fall off at some stage and find your legs vulnerable) and take slops as back up. 1 spoon each….. every bit of weight counts. Go for it!

    • I do Africa

      Thanks so much for all the advice Ant!

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