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South Luangwa: The valley of the leopard

© Zambia Tourism

There is one place in Zambia to see outstanding sightings of leopards and that’s South Luangwa.

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Tips for an ‘epic’ Southern African odyssey


Some excellent travel advise: Christopher Clark tells us what to do, what to bring and what to expect on an overland safari in Southern Africa.

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The Lower Zambezi beneath a copper sky


An Australian company’s scheme to mine copper in one of Zambia’s most pristine national parks.

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Travelling into Zambia: South Luangwa


Follow Jeff and Kerryn as they continue their journey and travel into Zambia through South Luangwa.

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The wooden makoro, a Zambezi specialty


On the Zambezi, we discover the makoro, the traditional dugout canoe that has been making river life easier for the area’s inhabitants since it was introduced several centuries ago.

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Cycling Zambia for elephants


Three gentleman embark on an ambitious cycle through Zambia to raise money and awareness for elephant conservation.

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Elephant Charge Rally

Competitors going over team tactics during a time out at the Barloworld Checkpoint.

by Sarah Davies It’s all about dust, sweat and gears! In October 2013 the sixth Elephant Charge will take place in the Zambian bush raising funds for wildlife conservation. This year promises to be the biggest and best yet… Originally

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Conservation is Politics: Zambia's Hunting Landscape


On 9 January 2013, the Zambian Minister of Tourism Sylvia Masebo – responsible through its board for the parastatal the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) – called a meeting at very short notice in Lusaka of all the hunting-safari stakeholders. Vice-President

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Zambia Hunting Ban Update

Big cats, like lions, will not be going back onto the hunting quota. © Alessandro Bonora

On Wednesday the Zambian government held a stakeholders meeting in Lusaka in an attempt to thrash out some of the issues surrounding the crisis within the local trophy hunting industry. Chaired by the Vice-President (VP), Dr Guy Scott, those in

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Fingers Off the Trigger: Zambia Cancels All Trophy Hunting Licences

ZAWA, sable, banned hunting licences in Zambia

Towards the end of last week Zambian wildlife authorities suspended the tender process for hunting concessions and cancelled all hunting licences for the foreseeable future. According to sources and local news reports, Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo has

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Meeting and Greeting in Kafue National Park

Saying hello to Mosi (left)

As I stepped off the plane in Lusaka back in August I was thrown straight back into the unpredictable world of Game Rangers International (GRI). Expecting to be met by Sport (head of GRI) and travel with him to the

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Behind the Scenes: Photographing October's Cover Star

Shoebill, Kapotwe, Bangweulu

Shoebills are a rarity that few get to see, but I was fortunate to spend a few weeks in Bangweulu Wetlands, Zambia, up close and personal, with cover model Kapotwe.* This isn’t Kapotwe’s first brush with fame. Earlier this year,

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Fantastical Shoebills: 7 Fab Facts

Africa Geographic october 2012, Shoebills

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you King Whale-Head (the English translation of Balaeniceps rex), cover star of the October issue of Africa Geographic. From the front he appears to me like an old university professor, big-nosed, peering over his spectacles.

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Pedalling for orphaned elephants

Rachael Murton, project manager of  the Elephant Orphanage Project.

Numerous young elephants are orphaned every year due to poaching and human elephant conflict. Without help, the chances of their survival in the wild are perilous. The Elephant Orphanage Project does sterling service to rehabilitate the youngsters, but support is

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Mine rejected: A Victory for Lower Zambezi National Park


It seems that a bright semblance of sanity has appeared over the once-murky Zambian horizon. A few weeks ago, I wrote a charged story about the absurdity of a proposed open cast copper mine in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

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End of the road marks the beginning of environmental change…

Horuseb River Valley

Tracks of Giants, the epic conservation trek over 5000 kilometres through six southern African countries has come to an end. But the impact of the expedition will have a lasting effect for years to come. Starting on the Namibian coastline

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Kangaluwi: The Lower Zambezi National Park battle begins!

The proposed mining site in red

Alright, just a quick note before we start. I would hate for you to get half way through this post, throw up your hands in disgust and say: ‘Not another seedy mining project. People are horrible, I’ve had enough, what’s

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