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Ruthless rhino poaching syndicate rounded up by Hawks

The alleged rhino poaching syndicate boss, sits in the back of a Hawks vehicle, 19 September 2014, after being arrested in the Pretoria Norcourt du

South African rhino poaching kingpin arrested.

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Savvy SA citizens save Rhino in Kruger

Delise Powell, Haley Dahl, Yolande Larkan © Haley Dahl

Three heroic women save a black rhino by reporting poachers to Kruger authorities.

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Swimming under the radar

The giant redfin Pseudobarbus skeltoni feeding in a riffle in the Krom River in du Toitskloof © Craig Garrow

Grahamstown researchers discover a new species of redfin minnow

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South African rhinos, a matter of political will


The rhino debate in parliament – hot air being blown around a well air-conned room.

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The renosterveld has found a home


Saving endangered plant species with the opening of Renosterveld Research and Visitor Centre in Overberg.

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Fishing for finches in the Kgalagadi


A grey heron uses a local waterhole as his fishing ground for finch food.

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Rhino orphan seeks solace from humans in the Kruger

©Liam Burrough

Exhausted orphaned rhino looks for comfort with cars in the Kruger.

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Meerkat pups and a puff adder


A meerkat story worthy of a ‘Meerkat Manor’ episode and an award for bravery.

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Joining hands to rescue a wounded wild dog


An African wild dog that was shot in the ear in the Waterberg, has successfully been released.

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Kruger – lions, kingfishers and on foot with ellies

Too close, too personal. This hippo was a few meters from me at one of the pools on the Biyamiti River.

Scott Ramsay’s travels take him to the Kruger National Park, a landmark area in the history of wildlife conservation.

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Black-breasted snake eagle in the Kgalagadi


A black-breasted snake eagle is dive-bombed by a drongo in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

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Giraffe hits head on highway bridge

©Thinus Botha

A giraffe dies on the N1 highway near Centurion in bridge accident

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Elephant poachers penetrate South African borders again

©Don Pinnock

Breaking news: in what seems to be a recurring trend, another elephant has been poached in the Northern Kruger, close to the Zimbabwe and Mozambican borders.

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Wild riders at the iSimangaliso four Day mountain bike challenge


Get off the beaten track on your mountain bike and experience the treasures of South Africa first world heritage site at the iSimangaliso MTB 4 Day

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Kariega Game Reserve photographic safari

Africa Geographic: always going the extra length!!. ©Brendon Jennings

Guests comment on a successful photographic expedition to Kariega Game Reserve

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The upside of being a bottom feeder


Jackie explains the reason for coprophagy, the consumption of feces, in Pilansberg hippos behaviour.

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Rhino poacher sentenced to 77 years in prison

©Nobby's Photography

KwaZulu Natal rhino poacher gets 77 years in prison after killing three rhino carves

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WATCH: a live cheetah birth


A rare and wonderful opportunity to watch a live cheetah birth at Hoedpspruit Endangered Species Centre, South Africa

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Fun and games with jackals, doves and sandgrouse


Turns out watering-holes in the Kgalagadi are a great place to grab food on the wing if you’re a black-backed jackal

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DoE says: “Canned lion hunting is legitimate”

People during the global march against canned lion hunting on March 15, 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) hosted the event s part of their campaign to see an end to the legalised hunting of wild lions in South Africa. Thousands of participants gathered in cities across the country to raise awareness against the practice. (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Mary-ann Palmer)

The status of South African wild lions goes up for debate.

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Sanparks employee kills hippo


SANParks employee hits a hippo in the Kruger National Park as he rushes to see his sick mother.

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A photographic competition of ‘elephantine’ proportions

Elephants in Amboseli National Park, Kenya. Image by Thomas Oetjen

In order to create awareness about World Elephant Day on the 12th of August Africa Geographic has set up a photographic competition with excellent prizes to be won. May the best Elephant photograph win!

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Giving life to Cape vultures


Maggie explains how the endangered Cape vultures are hatched at VulPro.

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Close encounters with a puff adder


Carolynne Higgins tells us about puff adders in Klaserie Private Game reserve – from a strike rate faster than that of a camera shutter to the hypnotic patterns of their scales.

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Leopard catching duiker… and other wonders

Our first view of the leopard...hows that camouflage?!

Scott proves that iSimangaliso Wetland Park lives up to its name: “place of wonders” in isiZulu. South Africa’s first world heritage site does not disappoint for those armed with a camera and a zoom lens.

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Welgevonden: A quintessential safari experience


Michael Schwartz reminisces about the splendid sights of Welgevonden Game Reserve in South Africa, on his first ever African Safari. Although, one of the smaller African parks it still left a huge impression.

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The boer and the fossil fish – a tribute to Peter Timm

A beautiful specimen of coelacanth...being filmed with elaborate lighting. At these depths, there is very little sunlight penetrating the water and bright torches and lights are critical. Unsurprisingly, coelacanths have big eyes that are adapted to seeing in the dark.

Scott Ramsay writes about his experience with the charismatic Peter Timm, the legendary deep sea diver and his life with coelecanths in Sodwana Bay; who has recently passed away.

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Tips for an ‘epic’ Southern African odyssey


Some excellent travel advise: Christopher Clark tells us what to do, what to bring and what to expect on an overland safari in Southern Africa.

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Further into paradise

Welcome to my world, human. A green turtle shows a clean pair of heals to the bubble-spewing ape.

Scott Ramsay adventures take him to iSimangaliso Wetland Park on the east coast of South Africa, where he indulges in the underwater treasures of the ocean at Rocktail bay.

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Madikwe Game Reserve’s iconic African wild dog


Jaci’s Lodge, famous for its wild dog sightings, tells us about the success of these social hunters in Madikwe Game Reserve.

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Reconsider South Africa

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 6.18.26 PM

The new video for South African Tourism will take you on a wonderful, unexpected journey.

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Technology driving Cape Town’s recent self-catering boom


The latest trend in the global travel industry, self-catering accommodation, is taking Cape Town by storm following a recent surge in the adoption of technology across the sector.

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Why Fracking in the Karoo will never happen


Gas might be the solution to Eskom’s ailing coal based power supply, but it won’t be be extracted from Karoo shale.

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Cape Town’s heavenly motorcycling roads


To many people Cape Town is about sandy beaches, majestic mountains and valleys of wine. To Anton Crone it’s about tarmac.

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CapeNature uses dogs to detect endangered tortoises


CapeNature, together with local conservation partners, have implemented a conservation detection dog project to help conserve the critically endangered geometric tortoise.

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Cape Town’s heavenly motorcycling roads


To many people Cape Town is about sandy beaches, majestic mountains and valleys of wine. To Anton Crone it’s about tarmac.

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Sign up and Race4Rhinos – make a difference


Race4Rhino has secured 250 places for the 2014 Argus Cycle Tour. Over 200 eager cyclists have already registered so far and we expect a full house so please register soon to avoid disappointment. Beginners welcome.

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How South Africans are spending their December holidays


Here’s where South Africans are going, how they’re going to travel to get there, their top accommodation choices and how much money it’s going to cost them to travel these December holidays.

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50 | 50 30th Anniversary Season: Episode 16


Here is the line-up for the South African TV show 50‌‌‌ | 50: Anniversary Season: Episode 16, on 9 December 2013. Find out more about Southern Africa’s looming elephant poaching crisis and join the team as they question the future of Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve – one of the last pockets of unspoiled biodiversity in the Johannesburg area.

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South Africa’s latest and largest rock art discovery


Follow our travel expert, Christian Boix, as he goes on a guided walk in the remote and forgotten Upper Tsitsana Valley in Southern Drakensberg to see South Africa’s latest and largest rock art discovery.

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Mad about monkeys


This photographer stops for a moment to spend some quality time with an adorable troop of monkeys.

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Preserving the biodiversity of Agulhas National Park

Agulhas National Park - South Africa

Scott Ramsay spends a few day in Agulhas National Park, and while in the area, spends some time with local farmers to learn about the conservation efforts going on in the region.

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How do South African’s like to travel?


An independent survey of 1 000 South Africans was conducted by Avios Group Limited, uncovering some interesting stats into the travel habits of South Africans.

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Why I love my job in the Kalahari


The Kalahari is a wilderness known for extreme temperatures and wonderful wildlife, this guide shares with us why he loves his job in this exquisite part of he world….

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South Africa’s favourite beaches


Recently the international Blue Flag jury announced the list of 2013/2014 Blue Flag beaches and 41 of South Africa’s sandy havens were awarded with the sought after status.

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Bontebok National Park


Scott Ramsay visits Bontebok National Park near Swellendam in the Western Cape; the smallest national park in the country and the saviour of the Bontebok antelope, endemic to the region.

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