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Kgalagadi’s camouflaged leopard

leopard kgalagadi

Seeing leopards is a waiting game but the wait is worth the result!

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A lion bites off more than it can chew

Seeing the opportunity the lions jumped onto the baby hippo!

A young lion attempts to take on a pod of hippo at Kruger’s Sunset Dam.

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Cape Town fire under control

fire fighter

Light rains yesterday have helped to contain the fires that have swept through Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

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Cape Town burns – please help!


Volunteers and firefighters have been fighting the Muizenberg fire for 24 hours.

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NSPCA’s formal stance on the selective breeding of wild animals for colour mutations


The NSPCA speaks out on why selective breeding for colour morphs has absolutely no benefit to the individual animal, the species, biodiversity or conservation as a whole.

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Leap into action for frogs

A Tinker reed frog

30% of South Africa’s amphibians are classified as endangered or vulnerable.

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11 dramatic images of lightning over Johannesburg

lightening in Joahnnesburg

The highveld electric storms are something spectacular to witness.

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Blue crane massacre

blue crane masscre

A Karroo farmer has poisoned 200 to 1000 blue cranes using a posion called Temic and has been hiding the corpses in aardvark and porcupine holes.

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The film that could make a difference for rhinos


Why Afrikaans might be the language with which to address South Africa’s rhino poaching crisis.

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African penguin release on Boulder’s Beach

penguin release boulders beach

Endangered African penguins waddle their way to freedom in Simon’s Town.

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Mysterious migrants: Africa’s longfin eels

The longfin eel (Anguilla mossambica). © Bruce Ellender

The longfin eel spends most of its life hidden from view of humans and there is concern that its numbers are plummeting.

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Pictures of the killer whales in Cape Town


A pod of killer whales spotted in False Bay

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Cape Town by tall ship


The sailors of tall ship Picton Castle explore the glamorous side of Cape Town.

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Zebra attack wildebeest calf


Wildebeest and zebra usually exist happily together until one day at watering hole in Mkuze Game Reserve.

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Square rigger sailing around the Cape


Sailing around the Cape of Good Hope is not an easy task.

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Man guilty of shooting hadeda

© Derek Keats

Man found guilty of animal cruelty after shooting and injuring a hadeda with a pellet gun.

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Generation Y and saving lions


Jacalyn discusses the flaws of Generation Y when it comes to issues worth fighting for such as canned lion hunting.

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Good shark karma in Cape Town


Fortune cookies for the future of South Africa’s sharks

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Rediscovering the Cape Peninsula


A recent educational photographic tour around the Cape Peninsula helps Chris appreciate the beauty of his home town.

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Looking at zebras in a different light


A casual sundowner in the Kruger turns into an outstanding photographic opportunity as some zebras kick up the dust.

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A red tide making the sea sparkle

© Clive Wright Photography

When the sea sparkles and shines due to a smelly red tide…

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Natural Splendours of South Africa


Planning a holiday to South Africa? Find out all you need to know about the rainbow nation according to renowned photographer Gerald Cubitt.

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Plants, stars and animals in Anysberg


Roxanne Reid tells us what to do in the in the succulent Karoo.

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A solar powered road trip: Bloemfontein to Cape Town

Swellendam to Cape Town.(Barry Aldworth/BackpagePix)

The UKZN team comes first out of the South African teams in the SASOL Solar car race.

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A solar powered road trip: Pretoria to Bloemfontein

Colesburg to Graaf-Reinet.(Barry Aldworth/BackpagePix)

Follow South African university students in the 2014 Sasol Solar Challenge.

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CapeNature staff act fast to save rare pangolin

A closer look at the rare ground pangolin.  © CapeNature

Ground pangolin rescued by CapeNature in the Western Cape.

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A cat fight

© Marc Lindsay-Rea

A lone lioness is attacked by a pride’s dominant male.

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Photographing a python take down

© Marc Lindsay-Rea

A python proves that its bark-like camouflage scales are just as bad as its bite when it kills a turtle dove.

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R2 million worth of equipment donated to Kruger’s Ranger Corps


Survival equipment to the value of R2 million was handed over to Kruger’s Ranger Corps by Unitrans Volkswagen’s Unite against Poaching Trust.

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Giant flag to mobilise job creation in the Karoo


The Giant Flag project, launched in the Karoo. harnesses several streams of environmental, social and economic activity in a bid to break the cycle of unemployment and poverty in the Camdeboo Municipality.

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Collared leopard shot in Northern Cape

The same leopard shot in October 2014 © Landmark Foundation

Landmark Foundation’s collared female leopard shot has been shot by a farmer in the Northern Cape.

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Flower power at Rocking the Daisies

© Bronwyn Mccarthy

Jeremy Loops, Good Luck, the Rudimentals, Al Bairre, MGMT, Pascal & Peace – what got Rocking the Daisies 2014 rocking.

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Australia to ban import of lion trophies from South Africa

© Ian Michler

A permanent ban on the importation of lion parts, including trophies, is planned by Australia in an effort to put an end to South Africa’s lion breeding industry.

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Sanctions to be imposed on Johannesburg Zoo due to sitatunga incident


Johannesburg zoo’s PAAZAB membership has been terminated due to the sitatunga incident

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Molewa launches rhino project

The government is looking for partnerships to create 300 000 new jobs in the green economy, Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa says. © Volksblad

Environment Minister Edna Molewa announced the official launch of the UNEP-GEF Rhino Project.

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Appreciating South Africa through photos

© Will Kent

Will Kent talks about some of the experiences he had in South Africa as a volunteer.

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Leopard coin gives conservation a boost


Printing money for conservation

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New Knersvlakte Nature Reserve proclaimed on National Heritage Day

Knopies are one of the remarkable types of plant found in the Knersvlakte.
© Cape Nature

Growing awareness towards plant conservation with the declaration of the new Knersvlakte Nature Reserve in South Africa.

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Quitting my job to become a field guide

Jaq Terblanche

Jaq on quitting a high paying job to study at bushwise to become a field guide.

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Secret panel will decide on future of South Africa’s rhinos

© Michael Lorentz

The monumental decision of whether to legalise rhino horn in South Africa is to be decided by an undisclosed Panel of Experts.

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Ruthless rhino poaching syndicate rounded up by Hawks

The alleged rhino poaching syndicate boss, sits in the back of a Hawks vehicle, 19 September 2014, after being arrested in the Pretoria Norcourt du

South African rhino poaching kingpin arrested.

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Savvy SA citizens save Rhino in Kruger

Delise Powell, Haley Dahl, Yolande Larkan © Haley Dahl

Three heroic women save a black rhino by reporting poachers to Kruger authorities.

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Swimming under the radar

The giant redfin Pseudobarbus skeltoni feeding in a riffle in the Krom River in du Toitskloof © Craig Garrow

Grahamstown researchers discover a new species of redfin minnow

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South African rhinos, a matter of political will


The rhino debate in parliament – hot air being blown around a well air-conned room.

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The renosterveld has found a home


Saving endangered plant species with the opening of Renosterveld Research and Visitor Centre in Overberg.

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Fishing for finches in the Kgalagadi


A grey heron uses a local waterhole as his fishing ground for finch food.

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