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Climbing Malawi’s Mt Mulanji


Climbing to Sapitwa – the highest peak of Malawi’s Mount Mulanji.

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Majete Wildlife Reserve photographic competition

© African Parks

Incredible prizes to be won in the Majete Wildlife Reserve photographic competition. Click here for further details.

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Tips for an ‘epic’ Southern African odyssey


Some excellent travel advise: Christopher Clark tells us what to do, what to bring and what to expect on an overland safari in Southern Africa.

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Till we meet again, Malawi.


Jeff and Kerryn complete their last stretch in Malawi, although the last few days are spent sick in bed they vow that they will be back to visit again!

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Why Malawi is ideal for your next family holiday


We believe that Malawi might just offer that perfect mix of off the beaten track adventures, cultural interaction, safari, adventure and a safe and welcoming environment for your next family holiday!

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Into Malawi and onto the lake


Jeff and Kerryn continue their African adventure into Malawi where they find a secret campsite on a paradise-like beach at Lake Malawi.

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Malawi, the land of the lake


Patrick and Chloe discover the land of the lake as well as a host of wildlife experiences in Malawi.

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Meeting the Malawians!


Patrick and Chloe cross into Malawi and have friendly interactions with strangers on a daily basis, confirming that Malawi is not called the ‘warm heart of Africa’ for nothing.

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Top 10 most romantic destinations in Africa


I am a hopeless romantic at heart. It’s a symptom I inherited at birth when my mother decided to deliver me to this world on Valentines Day. Ever since then my birthday has become sidelined for love. Why not a

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In Love with Lake Malawi


Location: Lake Malawi Date: December 2012, 1st-5th After a 6am start I reached the Zambia/Malawi border crossing. It was a relatively easy process but I did discover the hard way that there is no getting around paying for the third party

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The Flying Lion Saga

© Tim Jackson, Malawi lion relocation

Flying pigs we have come across in our imaginations, but flying lions? While both of these images are counter-intuitive, one imaginary flying mammal has recently taken to the skies in a very real way. And it ain’t the pigs. Malawi’s

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Cool Runnings Uplifts Lake Malawi Community

Lake Malawi

On the lookout for a chill-out spot on the shores of Lake Malawi we came across Cool Runnings, a beachside backpackers that is deeply involved with the local lakeside community. Driving into Senga Bay it was impossible for us not

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Fear of flying, or how Malawi got its new lions


Africa Geographic science editor Tim Jackson isn’t usually scared of flying. But then he isn’t usually sharing a seat with two (partially) sedated lions either.  It’s not every day I get an e-mail asking me to fly to Malawi from

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Magical moments in Malawi

A herd of Crawshay’s zebra crest a hilltop while grazing on the rolling grasslands of Nyika Plateau
© Marcus Westberg

Malawi, often described as the warm heart of Africa, is a tiny country tucked between safari giants Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. But despite its small size we found that Malawi has a lot more to offer than just its famously

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The little village of Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear, Lake Malawi

Paddling around the tip of the peninsula between Monkey Bay and Cape Maclear at the southern tip of Lake Malawi, I had a quite strong feeling that I’d be rounding the bend to a small tourist city.  Having only been

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Hope for the Future expedition – finishing what we started

Senga Bay, Lake Malawi

By Caiden Lang There are few greater feelings than the feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing what you started. Paddling into Senga bay was one of the best moments of my life.  But I am getting a bit ahead

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Put Foot Rally leaves Cape Town with Project Rhino KZN in tow

put foot rally project rhino kzn

6 countries, 6 checkpoints and 7,000-odd kilometres in 17 days… The Put Foot is dubbed Southern Africa’s first “social rally” – 60 crews/240 people will motor out of Cape Town tomorrow (Wednesday 20th June 2012) for an epic Africa adventure,

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Hope for the Future: dramatic scenery and 'the day with the sunrise'

Lake Malawi sunrise expedition kayak

By Caiden Lang The last two weeks has been an experience like no other. After leaving Nkatha Bay we continued our journey northwards towards Tanzania. If you were to look on a map, you would notice that there are no

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Hope for the Future: a scary split-up and the completion of stage one

Lake Malawi kayak expedition

By Marc Hampson Day 12 Due to some rookie errors, we managed to lose track of each other in the 8 foot swells.  We’d already lost half our team – Matt, Caiden and myself paddled to a point and waited

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Hope for the Future: Malawi smiles on us

Hope for the Future expedition lake Malawi kayak adventure

By Guy Robertson A celebration was in order last night due to the crossing of the first 100kms, but we found ourselves falling asleep at the dinner table, like the majority of the nights on our adventure so far. Our

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Hope for the Future expedition: We've made it this far!

Hope for the future expedition Lake Malawi kayaking

By Matt Hampson We are currently 57kms into our journey, just north of the fishing town Kombedza. Upon our arrival on the beach, we were immediately welcomed by the village chief who said that we could stay the night for

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Hope for the Future Expedition

Hope for the Future expedition Lake Malawi

By Caiden Lang After months of planning and rigorous preparation the time has finally arrived for us to embark on our adventure. What we plan to do is to kayak the entire circumference of Lake Malawi. When planning started approximately

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10 things I love about Africa

A few weeks ago I had to sit down and write my first editorial of the new year for Africa Geographic. COP17 had just wound up with the same old pseudo commitment on the part of some countries and regions

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