Caption competition 10

Submit a caption and you could win an Africa Geographic peak cap.

Send us a caption for the picture below and the wittiest entry will win the prize.

Image by Nobby Clarke.

Send your caption(s) to

Alternatively, you can also submit your entry as a comment below, and on our facebook page.

The winner of Caption Competition #9 is Jon Avery Wright ‎”‘Vhat ze hell–it’s pinching! Zebra’s too tight!”

Congratulations Jon! To claim your prize, contact

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  • http://karoo ken wilkinson

    “George cut out the Necking ,people are watching.”

  • http://www, Gil Weiner

    “I hear Chubby Checker is coming. Let’s practice!”

  • Audrey Margaret

    Er, waiter – I actually wanted wine and ordered two carafes

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