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“What an awesome privilege to view the wonderful detail of God’s creation through a man-made lens”. I am a South African lawyer, photographer and conservationist (not necessarily in that order). Nature, the diverse wildlife of the beautiful African continent and the conservation of its natural treasures, are very close to my heart. Needless to say, with the advantages and development of digital photography my passion came into being, albeit a couple of years to late, if you ask me. I hope that through my photography, I can share the beauty of the African continent and its wildlife with my fellow Africans and with those that are not as privileged to live in this enigma we call Africa. But most of all, I hope I can inspire others to protect and conserve our natural heritage and that of our children...

Animal Encounters

Kgaligadi Transfrontier Park

It was the morning of 7 June 2012 and our two week trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the Northern Cape, South Africa was coming to an end. We had another night camping at Nossob rest camp and one

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