10 impossible loads made possible via African transport

Here are a few examples submitted to the popular Facebook page – Africa, this is why I live here.

He he… only in Africa.

1. Just a tip: If your car is facing upwards you may be overloaded.

Overloaded car Africa


2. This guy could start a taxi service

Funny Africa transport couch


3. Have a car? Why not carry a metal elephant…

Carry elephant in car


4. He’s doing one trip and one trip only!

matress packed on car in africa


5. The weight of all the plastic in the world on his shoulders!

carry too much plastic


6. The camera was not wide-angle enough to get it all…

big load in africa


7. Why does the driver get the only helmet?

family on motorbike in africa


8. If you thought you couldn’t put more than 5 people on a single motorbike, you were wrong.

family on motorbike in africa


9. Some use wheelbarrows, and others don’t.

carry brick on bike in africa


10. Who is driving this motorbike?

carry cow on bike in africa


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Africa, this is why I live here

If you are delighted, amused, and amazed by the things you see, do and experience whilst living in (or visiting) Africa, feel free to share your photos and stories on our Facebook page.

  • Simon Espley

    LOL, great post!

  • Janey Jayne

    brilliantly brilliant.

  • musuungu

    Totally acceptable

  • Glenda Harper

    great post and brilliant pictures…all very every day for this part of the world! ;)

  • Patricia Francis-Wilson

    Splendid photography, brilliant pictures – excellent pictures – running out of superlatives – exception – lack of helmets !!! Nkosi Sikele yAfrika Lord is that cow for real

  • Diana Shermet Williamson

    I actually witness some of those scenes when I was there last year and took a few snap shots myself.

  • Rhoda Gachũi

    lol! real funny!

  • momotarou

    They need extreme strong machines, with over loading the front wheel drive car is not much good.

  • Gretchen Ward Waller

    Amazing! Simply amazing! You do what you gotta do!

  • G Siafu
  • Adrian Fox

    To be serious, rather than be amused by the ‘stupidity’ of these ‘primitive people’, remember they are travelling and transporting in this manner out of necessity. Easy to laugh at others if you have the luxury of a large truck or modern car with a trailer to move things around. Needs must!

    • Guest

      i don’t think anyone was commenting about the “stupidity of these primitive people” , we are in awe of their ingenuity and creativity. Plus we were commenting on the brilliance of the pictures. Don’t read more into the comments then is meant.

      • Simon Espley

        Adrian you revealed something about yourself with this weird comment

        • Mobegi jr

          Kindly enlighten him sir !! In this people i see humans who are in dire need but due to the deficit, they turn whatever is available into some “rather dangerous” possibility.

          • Betty Ann White

            If you all reread Mr. Fox’s statement and note the quotation marks around the offending words, I think you will find that you have completely misunderstood him. HE was not calling these people ‘stupid’ or ‘primitive,’ but he thought that those who laughed at the photos were. Perhaps his response was unnecessary. Laughter can be a sign of appreciation and amazement, which I believe all of us have felt at these sublime displays of determination!

    • Mobegi jr

      First and foremost sir fox, withdraw your statement. What is so stupid about these pictures ?? Before you even jump into calling people primitive, visit them and you will realize that they are human, red blooded, can communicate and above all they are more than happy always; more than any other race i have seen throughout the world. The only disease they are suffering from is that of your forefathers !! They came looted, man-handled these people you call primitive, went ahead to use them as slaves to build their nations, farmed on their lands for free using their free labor and exported all the produce to the west. As if that was not enough, they introduced travel and trading restrictions for these “primitive people” to ever improve themselves. These people are the future of this continent and they are converting every necessity into an innovation !! Think before your speak..

      • Alicia Clark

        I was with you right up to the slavery part. It’s not only “white” people who have had slaves. There are several “black” nations that are still using them… just sayin’

    • Robert Stegman

      How sad @Adrian Fox: Thank you for your kind sermon. However, you were the only one who saw stupidity. The rest of us saw innovation and “can do”. Get down off your high horse and get a different perspective. The light is much better down here.

  • Naomi Mutua

    LOL! Made my day… the cow especially!

  • Mobegi jr

    This is quite risky.. I never had a privilege of enjoying this kind of tourist attraction !! A cow on a motorbike ?? The gods must be crazy indeed

  • arno

    elphants @ the front gate of my work shoestrings backpackers lodge Victoria falls in Zimbabwe the lodge is right in town center here people interact with the wild animals including baboons warthogs monkeys water bucks and at the edge of town bufallos and many more

  • beatrix hill

    haha ,,the best one is the cow hitching a ride…

  • Penny Jooste

    I am a 62yr white ‘gogga’ & may i say i would be proud to call anyone of the people in the pictures True hard working ‘inventors’. I lived all my childhood in Lomagundie (Zimbabwe) My child hood friends were always showing me how to cook food in the bush, make a ‘geyser’ for our shack, and much more. Even today because i grew up with their ability to ‘keep trying’ I can almost DO anything with nothing! .

  • Gip Gippie

    And a whole lot more in here :) Taken by me while living there :) Personaly I love the pinaple bike

  • Saki Marais

    and the NICE thing is…..they’re all realistic and true!!

  • Larry Wittenborn

    These same people will walk for 3 days to go to a revival and think nothing of walking 10 miles to go to a church meeting; shame on all of you”Christians” that make excuses for not going to church

  • Robert Wealton

    Miriam, these are some wonderfully amusing photos; I loved them all. But when I saw number ten, the cow on the motorcycle, I had one heck of a great belly laugh! You may see some funny things here in the States, but I expect that a cow riding on a motorcycle would likely never be one of them. heh.. Bravo!

  • Louise Lewis

    Wow what an hilarious post. Got to love Africa. These guys must have a look some of better deals on wheels in South Africa

  • Kavsg

    This is too hilarious for words!

  • motorcycle recovery services

    It’s marvelous pics of overloads. It’s all are really funny where last two pics are amazing and i can’t stop my big laugh.

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